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Welcome to astrologer Pandit GURU SWAMI famous Indian best top astrologer in Perth, Western Australia. 40-years experiences, 100% guarantee, lifetime protections, available for any problem, contact me I will change your life, all religions are welcome.

Through finding out from the source with tremendous experience, he has become famous astrologer in Perth better, and a hundred percent positive towards work for an accurate individuallife.

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Kali Matha Pooja

Kali Matha Puja is beneficial in innumerable terms like maintaining off the horrific eyes of human beings ceasing your increase and improvement, delays in marriage, failure in progeny, ill health, terrible attention and selection making. Kali Matha Puja is accomplished by recitation of Maa Kali Mantra by a properly-versed Purohit. It may be finished on someone's behalf as properly. She is considered because the fiercest of all of the Goddesses. Her other names are Bhadrakali, Rudrani, Dakshinakali, Mahakali. The phrase 'Kali' originates from the word 'kaal' which means 'time' in English. Goddess Kali depicts electricity that is beyond time.

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Durga Matha Pooja

Maa Durga is the epitome of a real womanhood. She is the Mother of the complete Universe. She looks after the created universe and protects all beings. When the beings fall in lack of awareness, she gets rid of the veil of lack of know-how and uplifts her youngsters from all miseries. Maa Durga is the nurturer, caregiver, protector and when vital, the destroyer. She loves as fiercely as she hates. Maa Durga is the truest manifestation of Shakti and the center essence of the whole cosmos at its roots. Appeasing Maa Shakti Maa Durga is the reigning Goddess in Hinduism. Appeasing her facilitates are trying to find protection from all evils and negativity.

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Ganesh Pooja

Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Maa Shakti. He is the primary one to be worshipped in Hinduism earlier than taking off any puja or beginning a brand new challenge. He is the remover of limitations and therefore worshipping Ganesh can clear the hurdles to development and bless the devotees with clarity of idea, braveness, prosperity and achievement. The perfect days to do Ganesh puja are Mondays, Chaturti and Sankashti Chaturti. Ganesh puja is commonly performed before starting a new assignment. However, you can do Ganesh puja on any day you experience.

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Lakshmi Pooja

Lakshmi Puja is dedicated on the event of Diwali. It is considered as a big and notably auspicious competition for Hindus. On Diwali pujan, absolutely everyone should buy new Pratima of Goddess Lakshmi. There are total sixteen ritual steps which might be accompanied with the aid of our monks to finish the Puja for Diwali pageant in a proper manner to get the benefits of Goddess Lakshmi. Our priests jap the mantras to attract Goddess Lakshmi. All these steps are known as Shodashopachara Puja. We provide best service for Lakshmi Puja and lots of others at reasonably-priced fee.

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